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What is a haskap?

  By Jan Cashman Haskap is a very hardy shrub with an edible blue berry.  Other common names include honeyberry and yezberry.  The shrub, and its berry, are also called blue honeysuckle because it is in the honeysuckle genus—Lonicera, species caerulea.  It is native to northern hemisphere countries including Canada and Russia. The name Haskap

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Dogwoods for Fall Color in the Landscape

 by Jan Cashman This year we have had a beautiful, long fall.   The first freeze at our house was as late as I can ever remember, October 14.  The fall leaves have been beautiful.  Quaking aspens, maples, birch all have stunningly colorful leaves that have stayed on the trees, not fallen off prematurely.  The leaves

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 by Jan Cashman This spring, many deciduous trees in Bozeman are not leafing out.  We were hoping the trees were just slow because of our extremely late spring.  But now it appears some of the green ash, especially the commonly planted cultivar of green ash called ‘Patmore’, and other deciduous trees, including quaking aspens, cottonwoods,

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The Perfect Houseplant-Sansevieria

by Jan Cashman  We want our houseplants to be easy-care.  Even if we forget to water them or are traveling or don’t have fertilizer handy, we want them to thrive.   Peace lily (Spathiphylim) and Spider Plant (Chlorophytum) are two houseplants that are easy to care for.  But there is no houseplant easier to keep in

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Spirea (Spiraea)

The cool, moist weather we had this June attributed to the exceptional display of flowering shrubs.  Mockorange, a native shrub that was discovered in Western Montana and Idaho by Meriwether Lewis on the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1804-1806 named for himself: Philadelphus lewisii.  The selection of Mockorange we sell now is called Blizzard.  It

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Annual Zucchini Festival

10:00am Lasagna Yarden! -by John Bailey, Cashman Nursery Disappear your turfgrass to enjoy a more bountiful, beautiful, biodiverse space- without breaking the bank or your back! Anna Mack from City of Bozeman Water Conservation will also be on hand to share info on their turf removal rebate program. 11:00am Vermiculture Composting -by Karl Johnson, YES

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