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Pine Trees

by Jan Cashman This time of year, most trees in our landscapes are leafless and brown, so we appreciate more our large evergreens. The most common upright evergreen planted here is the familiar Colorado spruce, sometimes called “blue spruce”. Pines (Pinus) have longer, greener needles than spruce, are faster-growing, and, therefore, make good specimen trees

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by Jan Cashman This is the time of year that we focus on what we are grateful for.  Our gardening season came to a quick halt and now, with this wintery weather, it is a good time for gardeners to reflect.  We have much to be thankful for—the beautiful Gallatin Valley where we live, our

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Bare Root

A Great Way To Plant At Cashman Nursery we offer most of our deciduous trees and shrubs in bare root form during March, April, and May. ‘Bare root’ means the plants are dug and stored without soil around their roots, and kept in our climate controlled “root cellar”. Bare root has advantages over potted plants:

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Tomato Varieties

Want to have the full experience of growing tomatoes from start to finish this gardening season? Start by growing your own plants from seed indoors this winter. Your first step is to choose which variety of tomato you want to grow. There are a lot to choose from– around 10,000 varieties of tomatoes exist. There

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Even though winter has set in and your gardens are under snow, you don’t have to be without fresh herbs. You can plant an herb garden on your kitchen windowsill.   Here are some hints on how best to grow herbs indoors: Most herbs are not hard to grow indoors, but they do need plenty of

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You can’t beat poinsettias for a colorful Christmas plant in your home, but after Christmas, poinsettias tend to go downhill. Come January, we all are ready to move on from the Christmas theme. There are other beautiful houseplants that are colorful but do not scream Christmas and will continue to make a good houseplant month

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