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2020 Seminar Schedule
Cashman Nursery & Landscaping

Seminars are held in our Greenhouse or Shop, located at 2055 Springhill Road in Bozeman, MT.

As a preventative measure, our Saturday seminars are cancelled. We will update as we continue evaluating the evolving covid-19 situation. Thank you for your understanding, and be sure to check out our Growing Guides and Gardening Tips

Saturday, February 22nd Seminar 

10:00   Houseplants: Bring the Outside In with Living Décor- by Cashman Nursery Staff

Winter woes got you down? Now is the perfect time to bring the health and beauty of nature indoors. Houseplants add vibrancy, visual interest, and improved air quality to your home year round. We’ll teach you to analyze a room, choose the right plants and containers for the right space, and the essentials of plant care.

Saturday, February 29th Seminars 

10:00   Hybrid, Heirloom, GMOh My! – by Cashman Nursery Staff

What makes a hybrid seed different than an open-pollinated one? What does it mean when a packet states a variety is improved or disease-resistant? Has it been genetically modified? How about genetically engineered? Old fashioned, heirloom, organic, historic, true-to-type? Being concerned where food comes from and how seeds are sourced should not be a strenuous exercise in vocabulary. Relax and breathe easy, this seminar will show you how to cut through the buzz-word rhetoric. We’ll talk seed terms, types, suppliers, and get real about seed need-to-know. 

Saturday, March 7th Seminars

9:30   Starting Seeds Indoors and Early Season Gardening Tips – by Cheryl-Moore Gough, M.S. Plant Sciences – local author and Montana gardening expert

Eager for Spring? Learn what you can start doing right now to get your garden going. Cheryl literally wrote the book on Montana vegetable gardening and in addition to early season tips, she’ll teach you the basics of starting plants from seed. You’ll learn about timing, indoor set-up materials, care, and ultimately the unmatched satisfaction of transplanting your own plants outside when the weather is right. Book signing to follow.

10:15  Spring Container Gardening – by Lucia Christie, Skagit Gardens Bedding Plants

Celebrate hope of the Spring season by planning your container gardens. Lucia will teach you how to apply design principles and share ideas to create the most stunning combinations using layers, form, texture, and color. You’ll learn tips on choosing the best-blooming plants and tricks to keep your pots and planters looking fabulous all season.    

Saturday, March 14th Seminars

9:30   Curing Landscape Plan Overwhelm – by Cashman Nursery Design Staff

Has your Spring Fever progressed into something more serious? When walking around your yard, have you experienced an inability to focus? A sense of hopelessness or resentment? A fear of perpetual disappointment? You may be suffering the classic symptoms of Landscape Overwhelm. Caused by the pitfalls of piecemeal planning, this affliction is easily treated by learning the simple essentials of landscape project formation. Our consultation design staff will share the tried and true remedies they use every day to reestablish project focus, peace, and determination every day.

10:15  To be announced

Saturday, March 21st Seminars – Cancelled, may be rescheduled for later this season

9:30   Landscaping for Birds – by Paulette Epple, Sacajawea Audubon Society 

There’s a lot more to attracting birds than putting out seed feeders. Join us to learn about wild birds’ basic needs and how certain plants and landscaping practices can provide food, shelter, water and nesting sites. Whether you have a brand new yard, an existing landscape, or only enough room for a few potted plants on the patio, the choices you make can help restore lost wildlife habitat and make your yard a welcoming haven for local songbirds and wildlife.

10:15   The Buzz on Bee-friendly Landscape Practices – by Dominique Woodham, MSU Extension Natural Resources Educator and Master Beekeeper

Bees and other pollinators perform an industrious task ensuring the reproduction of over 90% of flowering plants. We rely on these little guys for a third of the food we eat every day. But they need sustenance too! Learn which plants provide food and shelter for pollinators throughout their active seasons and how to adopt pollinator friendly landscape practices in your own backyard.

Saturday, March 28th Seminars

9:30   Get Started in Vegetable Gardening + the Best Varieties for Our Climate – by Don Mathre, retired MSU professor of plant pathology and active member of the Gallatin Gardeners Club

It’s no secret that home grown veggies taste incredible compared to their bland single-variety grocery store counterpart. Growing your own allows complete control over production methods in addition to numerous other health benefits. Don has years of experience growing vegetables in the Gallatin Valley. He’ll share his favorite varieties that have proven easy and productive in our shorter growing season.

10:15   Garden Patrol for Pest Control -by Laurie Kerzicnik PhD, Arthropod Diagnostician and Associate Extension Specialist, Schutter Diagnostic Lab, Montana State University

Regularly paid visits to your plants can pay off big when it comes to managing garden or landscape pests. Dr. Kerzicnik will teach how to scout for pests during those visits and the importance of timely and accurate identification. Get to know the signs, symptoms, and biology of common critters to maximize your management and keep plants healthy.

Saturday, April 4th Seminars

9:00   How to Grow Prize Winning Sweet Peas by Vicki Bentley, Sweet Pea Flower Show Coordinator, and Cashman Nursery Employee

In 1906, Bozeman was dubbed “The Sweet Pea City” and celebrated the event with a carnival and full regalia parade. Loved for their heavenly fragrance, rich colors, and old-fashioned simplicity, these endearing flowers cultivate a sense of local nostalgia. Our very own Vicki Bentley will show how easily you can grow your own and share her best ideas for enjoying the cut flowers this summer.

9:45   Tree Pruning Essentials by John Noreika, ISA Certified Consulting Arborist for Bozeman Tree, Lawn, & Pest

Did you know that proper pruning is essential for maintaining structural integrity, aesthetics, and overall health of your landscape trees? In addition, fruit trees require pruning to increase yield and fruit quality. John will teach you the fundamentals of best pruning practices, go over proper tools for the job, what to cut and when. You’ll then see these skills in action while he demonstrates pruning one of our fruit trees.

Sunday, April 5th Workshop

 1:30  Make and Take Easter Basket

Bring the joy and vitality of Spring inside with our popular greenhouse workshops. Our staff will help you create a beautiful Easter basket centerpiece planted with annual flowers and live grass. All plants and materials included with $35 per basket cost. Call ahead to sign up 406-587-3406. Walk-ins welcome subject to space and material availability.