2021 Seminar Schedule
Cashman Nursery & Landscaping

New for 2021: Most seminars will be presented using Webex, an online video conferencing platform

All webinars require pre-registration using the SIGN-UP links below.

Saturday April 24th, 2021   9:00am Garden Patrol for Pest Control by: Laurie Kerzicnik, PhD, Arthropod Diagnostician and Associate Extension Specialist, Schutter Diagnostic Lab, Montana State University

Regularly paid visits to your plants can pay off big when it comes to managing garden or landscape pests. Dr. Kerzicnik will teach how to scout for pests during those visits and the importance of timely and accurate identification. Get to know the signs, symptoms, and biology of common critters to maximize your management and keep plants healthy. 
**YOU MUST SIGN-UP before 8:00am Saturday, April 24th, 2021**

Saturday April 24th, 2021   10:30am The Proper Way to Plant a Tree by: Joe and Mike Cashman

Passive solar efficiency, wildlife habitat, artistic inspiration, cancer-fighting therapeutics- just a few of numerous economic, environmental, and social benefits provided by Trees. In honor of these exceptional organisms and in celebration of Arbor Day, Joe and Mike will show you how to give trees a healthy start in a new home. They’ll break down the steps to correctly plant bare root, potted, or large balled-burlap trees and answer any questions you have along the way. Seminar is outside, please dress for the weather and plan to practice Covid safety. 

Saturday May 1st, 2021   9:30am Perennial and Edible: Grow Your Own Strawberries, Raspberries, and Asparagus  by: Jerry Cashman

Plant a patch once and enjoy the harvest year after year. Head out to the garden with Jerry where he’ll demonstrate how to establish and maintain your own strawberry, raspberry, or asparagus plot. He’ll cover the best varieties for our area, when and how to plant, pruning, fertilizing, and weed suppression. Seminar is outside, please dress for the weather and plan to practice Covid safety. 

Saturday April 17th, 2021   9:00am Water Smart Landscapes for the Bozeman Area by: Jessica Ahlstrom, City of Bozeman Water Conservation Specialist

Learn how to create your own water wise landscape.  Jessica will discuss how water is used in our homes and ways to reduce outdoor water use by creating a water wise landscape.  Tips include selecting and establishing water wise plants for your landscape, adjusting your irrigation system to meet landscape water demands throughout the growing season, and selecting efficient irrigation methods.  Bozeman water customers: learn how to take advantage of the City’s rebates for irrigation system products and cash in on up to $200 drought tolerant plant rebate.

Saturday April 10th, 2021   9:00am Building Healthy Soil  by: Clain Jones, PhD, MSU Soil Fertility Specialist

Plant growth and productivity starts with healthy soil. Join us to learn the soil characteristics affecting your garden, the different tools you can use to test your soil, how to interpret results, and the proper use of common amendments.

Saturday March 27th, 2021   9:30am Get Started in Vegetable Gardening, plus the Best Varieties for Our Climate by: Don Mathre, retired MSU professor of plant pathology and active member of the Gallatin Gardeners Club

It’s no secret that home grown veggies taste incredible compared to their bland single-variety grocery store counterpart. Growing your own allows complete control over production methods in addition to numerous other health benefits. Don has years of experience growing vegetables in the Gallatin Valley. He’ll share his favorite varieties that have proven easy and productive in our shorter growing season. 

Saturday March 20th, 2021   9:30am Landscaping for Birds by: Doug McSpadden, Sacajawea Audubon Society

There’s a lot more to attracting birds than putting out seed feeders. Join us to learn about wild birds’ basic needs and how certain plants and landscaping practices can provide food, shelter, water and nesting sites. Whether you have a brand new yard, an existing landscape, or only enough room for a few potted plants on the patio, the choices you make can help restore lost wildlife habitat and make your yard a welcoming haven for local songbirds and wildlife.

Saturday March 13th, 2021   9:30am Starting Seeds Indoors and Early Season Gardening Tips
by: Cheryl Moore-Gough, M.S. Plant Sciences

Eager for Spring? Learn what you can start doing right now to get your garden going. Cheryl is a local horticulture expert and literally wrote the book on Montana vegetable gardening. In addition to early season tips, she’ll teach you the basics of starting plants from seed. You’ll learn about timing, indoor set-up materials, care, and ultimately the unmatched satisfaction of transplanting your own plants outside when the weather is right. 

Saturday March 6th, 2021   9:30am  Curing Landscape Plan Overwhelm by: Cashman Nursery staff

Has your Spring Fever progressed into something more serious? When walking around your yard, have you experienced an inability to focus? A sense of hopelessness or resentment? A fear of perpetual disappointment? You may be suffering the classic symptoms of Landscape Overwhelm. Caused by the pitfalls of piecemeal planning, this affliction is easily treated by learning the simple essentials of landscape project formation. Our consultation design staff will share the tried and true remedies they use every day to reestablish project focus, peace, and determination every day.