2019 Seminar Schedule
Cashman Nursery & Landscaping

Seminars are held in our Greenhouse or Shop, located at 2055 Springhill Road in Bozeman, MT.

Saturday, February 22nd Seminar 

9:30   Houseplants: Bring the Outside In with Living Décor- by 

Winter woes got you down? Now is the perfect time to bring the health and beauty of nature indoors. Houseplants add vibrancy, visual interest, and improved air quality to your home year round. We’ll teach you to analyze a room, choose the right plants and containers for the right space, and the essentials of plant care.

Saturday, February 29th Seminars 

9:30   Hybrid, Heirloom, GMOh My! – by 

What makes a hybrid seed different than an open-pollinated one? What does it mean when a packet states a variety is improved or disease-resistant? Has it been genetically modified? How about genetically engineered? Old fashioned, heirloom, organic, historic, true-to-type? Being concerned where food comes from and how seeds are sourced should not be a strenuous exercise in vocabulary. Relax and breathe easy, this seminar will show you how to cut through the buzz-word rhetoric. We’ll talk seed terms, types, suppliers, and get real about seed need-to-know. 

Saturday, March 7th Seminars

9:30   Starting Seeds Indoors and Early Season Gardening Tips – by Cheryl-Moore Gough, M.S. Plant Sciences – local author and Montana gardening expert

Eager for Spring? Learn what you can start doing right now to get your garden going. Cheryl literally wrote the book on Montana vegetable gardening and in addition to early season tips, she’ll teach you the basics of starting plants from seed. You’ll learn about timing, indoor set-up materials, care, and ultimately the unmatched satisfaction of transplanting your own plants outside when the weather is right. Book signing to follow.

10:15  Spring Container Gardening – by Lucia Christie, Skagit Gardens Bedding Plants

Celebrate hope of the Spring season by planning your container gardens. Lucia will teach you how to apply design principles and share ideas to create the most stunning combinations using layers, form, texture, and color. You’ll learn tips on choosing the best-blooming plants and tricks to keep your pots and planters looking fabulous all season.