2018 Seminar Schedule
Cashman Nursery & Landscaping

Seminars are held in our Greenhouse or Shop, located at 2055 Springhill Road in Bozeman, MT.

Saturday, March 24

9:30 AM – Spring Container Gardening

Get new ideas and learn tops on spring container gardening by Lucia Christie, Skagit Gardens representative.

10:15 AM – Pruning Trees Including Fruit Trees

By John Noreika, consulting arborist for Bozeman Tree, Lawn and Landscape Care. (Held outside – Please dress warmly!)

Saturday, March 31

9:30 AM – How to Grow Prize Winning Sweet Peas 

By the Sweet Pea Flower Show coordinator and Cashman Nursery employee, Vicki Bentley with Jan Cashman

10:15 AM – Make and Take Easter Basket 

Our staff will help you create a beautiful Easter basket centerpiece planted with annual flowers and live grass. All plants and materials provided. Cost is $25, one basket per person. Please call 406-587-3406 to sign up, but drop-ins are welcome.

Saturday, April 7

9:00 AM – Growing Long Season Vegetables

Tomatoes, peppers, squash, sweet corn and more by John Austin, gardener extraordinaire and Gallatin Gardeners Club member.

9:45 AM – Do It Yourself Pruning

By Jerry Cashman. Learn the principles of proper tree and shrub pruning to improve the size, shape, and health of the plants in your yard. (Held outside – Please dress warmly!)

Saturday April 14 – Super Seminar Saturday

9:00 AM – Tour!

Curious about what’s been going on at Cashman Nursery and Landscaping all winter? Tour our new facility, offices, and our greenhouses to see what’s we’ve been growing.

9:30 AM – The Correct Way to Plant a Tree

By Joe and Mike Cashman. Learn how to plant the right way to assure your new tree will grow and thrive.
(Held outside – Please dress warmly!)

10:00 AM – Make and Take a Kitchen Herb Garden

Learn how to grow various herbs indoors. Topics will include: plant specific tips, companion selection, light quality, and seeding vs. starting. Afterwards, design and plant up your own herb garden to take home. Containers will be available to purchase, or bring your own. Cost will be determined on individual selection of container and herbs. No sign up necessary.

Saturday April 21

9:00 AM – Getting Started in Vegetable Gardening plus Vegetable Varieties That Do Well in Our Climate

By Don Mathre, retired MSU professor of plant pathology and active member of the Gallatin Gardeners Club.

9:45 AM – Hints for Growing Strawberries, Raspberries, and Asparagus

By Jerry Cashman. (Held outside – Please dress warmly!)

Saturday April 28

9:00 AM – Dodging Insect Pests and Encouraging Beneficials

Laurie will discuss some troublesome insect and mite pests in the yard and garden. She will also discuss ways to encourage good insects and predators in the yard to keep the pest populations in check.- By Laurie Kerzicnik, PhD in Entomology at MSU Plant Diagnostic Lab.

9:45 AM – Composting and Soil Health

Build up your soils by composting to create the best soil for growing plants by Toby Day, MSU Extension Horticulturist.

Saturday May 5

9:00 AM – What You Should Be Doing in Your Vegetable Garden in Early May

By Cheryl Moore-Gough, MS in horticulture and gardening author.

9:45 AM – Identifying and Conserving Native Bees in Your Backyard 

Casey will discuss the different types of native bees found in Montana, their biology, and what you can do to encourage native bees in your yard and garden including providing flowers and nesting sites- by Casey Delphia, PhD in Entomology.