2019 Seminar Schedule
Cashman Nursery & Landscaping

Seminars are held in our Greenhouse or Shop, located at 2055 Springhill Road in Bozeman, MT.
All are free to the public and no registration is required.
*Held outside, please dress for the weather

Saturday, March 23rd Seminars

9:30    Spring Container Gardening

– by Lucia Christie, Skagit Gardens Bedding Plants

Celebrate hope of the Spring season by planning your container gardens. Lucia will teach you how to apply design principles and share ideas to create the most stunning combinations using layers, form, texture, and color. You’ll learn tips on choosing the best blooming plants, and tricks to keep your pots and planters looking fabulous all season.

10:15          Starting Seeds Indoors and Early Season Gardening Tips

– by Cheryl-Moore Gough, M.S. Plant Sciences, local author and Montana gardening expert

Eager for Spring? Learn what you can start doing right now to get your garden going. Cheryl literally wrote the book on Montana vegetable gardening and in addition to early season tips, she’ll teach you the basics of starting plants from seed. You’ll learn about timing, indoor set-up materials, care, and ultimately the unmatched satisfaction of transplanting your own plants outside when the weather is right. Book signing to follow.

Monday, March 25th Class Registration Begins

Trees, Shrubs, and Landscaping for the Bozeman Area
Bozeman Schools Adult Community Education Class         

Taught by Jerry Cashman and Shelly Engler, Landscape Architect
Tuesdays 7-9pm April 9th-30th
Pre-register by phone or online https://bsd7.revtrak.net/

Want more in-depth knowledge of horticulture in this climate? Take your skills to the next level with our four week Adult Ed class. Learn about trees and shrubs used in local landscapes, principles of landscape design, and perennial gardening. Perfect for the do-it-yourself homeowner, we’ll also guide you through the creation of your own landscape plan. During the last class, you’ll work one-on-one with our landscape design staff to troubleshoot, edit, and review your new design.

Saturday, March 30th Seminars

9:30    How to Grow Prize Winning Sweet Peas

– by Vicki Bentley, Cashman Nursery employee and Sweet Pea Flower Show coordinator

In 1906, Bozeman was dubbed “The Sweet Pea City” and celebrated the event with a carnival and full regalia parade. Loved for their heavenly fragrance, rich colors, and old-fashioned simplicity, these endearing flowers cultivate a sense of local nostalgia. Our very own Vicki Bentley will show how easily you can grow your own and share her best ideas for enjoying the cut flowers this summer.

10:15 Tree Pruning Essentials*

– by John Noreika, consulting arborist for Bozeman Tree, Lawn and Landscape Care

Did you know trimming trees to increase air circulation helps protect against pests and disease? Pruning is essential for maintaining structural integrity, aesthetics, and overall health of your landscape trees. Additionally, fruiting trees require annual pruning to increase yield and fruit quality. John will teach you the fundamentals of best- pruning practices, go over proper tools for the job, what to cut and when. You’ll then see these skills in action while he demonstrates pruning one of our fruit trees. 

Saturday, April 6th Seminars

9:00    Building Healthy Soil

– by Toby Day, MSU Extension Horticulturist

Plant growth and productivity starts with healthy soil. Join us as Toby explains the importance of physical, chemical, and biological components and how they affect your garden. Learn different tools you can use to test your soil, strategies to correct deficiencies, and the benefits or drawbacks of some common amendments.

9:45    Do It Yourself Landscape Pruning*

– by Jerry Cashman

Sharpen your horticulture skills as Jerry teaches you the principles of proper pruning and maintenance with a demonstration here at Cashman’s landscape beds. You’ll learn how to improve and maintain the shape, size, and overall health of your plants so you can work on your own landscape knowing what methods to apply to which plants and when.

Saturday, April 13th Seminars

9:00    Benefits of Bare Root Plants

– by Jerry Cashman

What are bare root plants and how are they different from potted counterparts? They’re lighter, easy to transport, easier to plant, have great root development, and low risk of transplant shock. To top it off, they’re also the most economical way to purchase plants. Ornamentals, fruit trees, shade trees, shrubs, berries, vines, canes, rhizomes, and more- come check out our famously extensive selection and Jerry will cover everything you need to know to save time, save money, and start planting.


9:45    Growing Long Season Vegetables

– by John Austin, gardener extraordinaire and Gallatin Gardeners Club member

Known for his 4th of July ripe tomatoes and adventures in Russian Heirloom varieties, John has spent years honing methods to successfully grow peppers, sweet corn, tomatoes, and other long season crops under the Big Sky. Join us as he shares his experience, tips, and tricks to extend your own garden season.

Sunday, April 14th Workshop

1:30    Make and Take Easter Basket

Bring the joy and vitality of Spring inside with our popular greenhouse workshops. Our staff will help you create a beautiful Easter basket centerpiece planted with annual flowers and live grass. All plants and materials included with $25 per basket cost. Call ahead to sign up 406-587-3406. Walk-ins welcome subject to space and material availability.

Saturday April 20

9:00    Getting Started in Vegetable Gardening plus the Best Varieties for Our Climate

– by Don Mathre, retired MSU professor of plant pathology and active member of the Gallatin Gardeners Club

It’s no secret that home grown veggies taste incredible compared to their bland single-variety grocery store counterpart. Growing your own allows complete control over production methods in addition to numerous other health benefits. Don has years of experience growing vegetables in the Gallatin Valley. He’ll share his favorite varieties that have proven easy and productive in our shorter growing season.

9:45    Native Plants for Bozeman Area Gardens

– by Aimee Kelly, Great Bear Native Plants

Using native plants in your landscape is more popular than ever- and for good reason. Mother Nature is the best teacher for identifying which plants will thrive and where. Learn how to choose which microclimate to mimic so you can work with your landscape, not against it.

Saturday April 27

9:00    Water Smart Landscapes for the Bozeman Area

– by Jessica Ahlstrom, City of Bozeman Water Conservation Specialist

Learn how to create your own water wise landscape. Jessica will discuss how water is used in our homes and ways to reduce outdoor water use by creating a water wise landscape. Tips include selecting and establishing water wise plants for your landscape, adjusting your irrigation system to meet landscape water demands throughout the growing season, and selecting efficient irrigation methods. Bozeman water customers: learn how to take advantage of the City’s rebates for irrigation system products and cash in on their $150 drought tolerant plant rebate.

9:45    The Proper Way to Plant a Tree*

– by Joe and Mike Cashman

Passive solar efficiency, wildlife habitat, artistic inspiration, cancer-fighting therapeutics- just a few of numerous economic, environmental, and social benefits provided by Trees. In honor of these exceptional organisms and in celebration of Arbor Day, Joe and Mike will show you how to give trees a healthy start in a new home. They’ll break down the steps to correctly plant bare root, potted, or large balled-burlap trees and answer any questions you have along the way.

Saturday May 4

9:00    Perennial and Edible: Grow your own Strawberries, Raspberries, and Asparagus

– by Jerry Cashman

Plant a patch once and enjoy the harvest year after year. Head out to the garden with Jerry where he’ll demonstrate how to establish and maintain your own strawberry, raspberry, or asparagus plot. He’ll cover the best varieties for our area, when and how to plant, pruning, fertilizing, and weed suppression.

Saturday, May 11

9:00    Growing Roses: Easier Than You Think 

-by Bill Sutton, Bailey Nurseries

Roses, while loved and enjoyed by many as cut flowers, are unfortunately bypassed by many gardeners due to a long standing reputation of high maintenance and fussy disease or pest control. Bill is here to share some great news. Thanks to the efforts of talented plant breeders, you no longer need to hire a gardener or don a Tyvek suit and chemical arsenal to enjoy these timeless beauties. He’ll cover some of his favorite low maintenance hardy shrub varieties bred for disease resistance that will grow well in our cold climate.

9:45    Landscaping with Annual and Perennial Groundcovers- Choosing the Best Ones

-by Bonnie Hickey, Cashman Nursery employee and perennial gardening expert

Groundcovers are an important layer of any landscape design. Want to learn how to paint these brushstrokes onto your outdoor canvas? Bonnie will show you different varieties and explain how to expertly utilize their design elements of color, form, and texture in your design.


*Held outside, please dress for the weather