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The 2006 Growing Season

by Jan Cashman It is again time to look back on this years’ growing season and reflect what the gardening successes and failures were in our area and how our gardens were affected by the weather. Last winter was a snowy one with most of the snowfall early. February was dry, but even so, we

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Unusual Bulbs

by Jan Cashman Fall is the time to plant hardy bulbs for beautiful blooms in your garden next spring. Most bulbs are perennial; they need to be planted only once and will come up and bloom year after year. Not all of what we call bulbs are true bulbs. Some are corms, tuberous roots, or

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by Jan Cashman Few shrubs rival the often overlooked sumac for striking yellow, orange, and red leaves in the fall. There are approximately 250 species of woody shrubs in the sumac genus, Rhus. Some species of sumac are native to China and Japan, but many species are native to North America, in fact, almost every

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by Jan Cashman Peony (Genus Paeonia) is the perfect perennial flower for our climate. Peonies are fragrant, hardy, prefer our alkaline soils, and make a good cut flower. Long-lived peonies can be found, along with common purple lilacs and yellow shrub roses, in old, deserted farmyards, especially in the Midwest. History Most of the peonies

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Delicious Asparagus

by Jan Cashman Growing up in Minnesota, my mother had me scrounging for wild asparagus behind our house near the railroad tracks, a duty I didn’t mind because asparagus was one of the few vegetables I liked as a child. All this wild asparagus in the Midwest might make you think that it is native

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