Annual Zucchini Festival

2023 Zucchini Festival Flyer
lasagna garden

10:00am Lasagna Yarden! -by John Bailey, Cashman Nursery

Disappear your turfgrass to enjoy a more bountiful, beautiful, biodiverse space- without breaking the bank or your back! Anna Mack from City of Bozeman Water Conservation will also be on hand to share info on their turf removal rebate program.

11:00am Vermiculture Composting -by Karl Johnson, YES Compost

Vermicomposting uses worms to digest food scraps and other organic material into an excellent soil amendment called Castings. This process completes the nutrient cycle efficiently and produces an ecological alternative to synthetically derived fertilizers. Karl is passionate about capturing our community’s food waste stream and converting it to Castings. Join us to learn how his local business diverts food-scraps away from our landfill to produce a natural, bio-available product that plants love.

cooking class

1:00pm Healthy Harvest Cooking Class- Gallatin Valley Farm to School

Zucchini bread? Sure. But there’s so much more! Make the most of your harvest by learning to  cook delicious dishes featuring this green skinned garden favorite.