Entering the new year for many of us means making resolutions to do better by exercising more, losing weight, volunteering with a favorite charity, etc. We all have ideas of how we could be better gardeners. Why not make a gardening resolution? Here are 11 possibilities. You could adopt one or two of these for yourself…

  1. Plant sweet peas early.
  2. Start a gardening journal to keep records of what is planted, how well it grows and how we like it.
  3. Simplify…as we get busier and/ or older, keep flower and vegetable gardens small so they are easier to manage and care for.
  4. Don’t wait for weeds to get too big–control them when they are small.
  5. Use less landscape fabric and more soil pep mulch.
  6. Try at least one new plant every year.
  7. Use organic solutions whenever possible.
  8. Learn about gardening by attending a class, reading a book, magazine or learning online. Take the Master Gardener course.
  9. Attend the Emerson Cultural Center Home & Garden Tour in the summer to see what others are doing in their landscapes, flower gardens, and vegetable gardens. Tour a Botanical Garden whether it is in Montana, like Tizer Gardens in Jefferson City or far away like Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC.
  10. Freeze more green beans.
  11. Give excess produce to the Food Bank.        

Maybe one or more of these gardening resolutions resonates with you and will help you improve the upcoming 2019 gardening season.