New Offerings For 2018

Cashman Nursery has a wide variety of new cultivars
that we are bringing in for the 2018 season!

Many newly developed plants are bred to have improved disease resistance or a better growth habit that make them excellent substitutions to the industry standards we are all more familiar with.

We have carefully selected the plants on this list and are confident in their ability to grow in the Gallatin Valley and surrounding areas. As with all Cashman tree and shrub purchases, our new cultivars come with a one-year guarantee.

We are proud to provide these fresh and exciting plants for you to add to your landscape!


Golden Spice Pear

Medium sized tree (15’ tall, 10’ wide), zone 3, highly resistant to fire blight

Sweet Purple Asparagus

Forms longer and thicker spears than green varieties, stringless and tender, faster cook time, loses color upon cooking

Baby Cakes Blackberry

Thornless dwarf blackberry that is hardy enough for our climate, plant in an area with protection from winter wind to prevent canes from desiccating.

Aurora Honeyberry

Mildew resistant, early bloomer, flavor balances sweetness and acidity, 5-7’ upright habit, indigo gem is best pollinator

Deciduous Trees

Ruby Tears Crabapple

Low growing, weeping habit, pink flowers with burgundy-green foliage. Very hardy and fire blight resistant. Small enough for tight garden spaces

Sargent Crabapple

Another smaller growing crab perfect for small spaces. White flowering, upright habit, fire blight resistant

Accolade Elm

Vase shaped shade tree well adapted to urban conditions. About 50’ tall and 2-30’ wide, it has shown excellent resistance to Dutch Elm’s Disease

Crimson Cloud Hawthorn

Thornless selection with vibrant reddish-pink fragrant flowers, similar in size to crabapples, it has an interesting irregular wide habit. Great source of nectar & pollen for bees & butterflies.

Douglas Hawthorn

Montana Native Tree with white flowers giving way to dark edible fruits. Drought tolerant while still tolerating occasional flooding, strong root system is great for soil stabilization, excellent tree for promoting birds and pollinators. This tree has thorns, and is currently only available as a seedling

Harvest Gold Linden

Mongolian linden with smaller toothed leaves and fragrant non-showy blooms. Extremely hardy. Matures to 30-40 ft.

Helena Maple

Selection of Norway maple growing successfully in Helena, MT. Well adapted to our area, zone 3, grows about 40-50’ tall

Parkway Maple

Another Norway maple, but with an upright oval shape. Grows about 40’ tall and about 25’ wide. Excellent street tree

Crimson Spire Oak

Columnar habit with red fall color, prefers well drained soil

Weeping Double Cherry

Top-grafted standard with double pink flowers and beautiful weeping branches. Prefers well drained soil

Deciduous Shrubs

Lava Nugget Barberry

3’ round habit, new growth is a stunning orange red that matures to deep burgundy, prefers moist, well-drained soil

Bar Harbor Hydrangea

Zone 3, white flowering compact version of Annabelle that boasts stronger stems which resist flopping

Candy Apple Hydrangea

Chartreuse green panicle type hydrangea with a compact habit of approximately 4’. Flowers mature to an almost pure white

‘Bloomstruck’ Endless Summer Hydrangea

Zone 4, about 3’ tall and 4’ wide, flowers now sprout from both new and old wood, mulch during the winter to protect the crown

Cheesehead Potentilla

Naturally compact 2’ Round Potentilla, Zone 3, dark green foliage and bright yellow flowers

Rhododendron Roseum Elegans

Light lavender-pink flowers, prefers winter protection from the sun and wind, Zone 4, prefers well drained acidic soil

Double Play® Red Spirea

Brilliant burgundy spring foliage gives way to vibrant red flowers on medium to dark green foliage, 2-3’ round

Little Flirt Spirea

Burgundy spring foliage gives way to medium green leaves and deep pink flowers. Compact 2’ habit, tolerant of compacted clay soils

Pink Poppet Weigela

Repeat blooming shrub with soft pink flowers, dense 3-4’ habit, requires little pruning to maintain neat and tidy shape

Yankee Doodle Lilac

Compact vulgaris type lilac with fragrant dark purple flowers

Legacy Lilac

Slightly taller than wide, dense habit, with fragrant pale purple flowers, non-suckering, blooms later than French hybrids

Joseph’s Coat Climbing Rose

Bi-color red to yellow double rose, repeat bloomer with nice fragrance, prefers well drained rich soil. Zone 5


Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae

2-3’ round slow growing and shapely. Prefers moist, well-drained soil, protect from winter sun, not deer resistant

Danica Arborvitae

Another 2-3’ densely rounded evergreen. Similar to Mr. Bowling Ball with a slightly blue-green winter color.

‘Big Tuna’ Mugo Pine

Slightly taller than wide with a bushy habit, typically about 6-8’ tall. It could be used as a large shrub or small evergreen tree.

Lundeby’s Dwarf Spruce

Steel-blue dwarf evergreen, excellent for foundation plantings. Grows wider than tall with age. Colorado spruce selection that grows very slowly.

Waldbrunn Spruce

Another Colorado spruce selection, low growing, nest-like habit. Slightly more green color tone than Lundeby’s.

‘Compacta’ Austrian Pine

Small tree like selection of Austrian pine, grows about 15’ tall and 8-10’ wide. Slow grower, could be used in smaller spaces than most evergreen trees

‘Frank’ Austrian Pine

This compact and columnar evergreen can add nice vertical interest to tight corners. Average size is 4-8’ tall and 2’ wide.

‘Rostrata’ Mugo Pine

Medium sized evergreen tree, approximate size of 30’ tall and 15’ wide. Prefers sandy loams, but adaptable to clay soils.

‘Westerstede’ Swiss Stone Pine

Small to medium sized evergreen tree with long needles and a fairly triangular shape. grows to about 12’ high and 8’ wide.

‘Big Berta’ Spruce

Longer needles, faster growth rate, and more open habit than Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Although it can grow up to 12’ tall, 6’ wide, it’s not likely to achieve that size in Montana.

‘Jean’s Dilly’ Spruce

Smaller and more compact than the Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Slow growing, conical shape, protect from winter wind/ sun.