Montana Christmas Tree Information

Again, Cashman Nursery will be selling Christmas trees both at our nursery and on West Main across from Bozeman High School., open 7 days a week after Thanksgiving. We will have 10 different varieties, as well as wreaths!

Christmas Trees

  • Christmas Trees in Bozeman MT at Cashman Nursery 2010Scotch Pine – Perfect conical shape, medium to long needled, will hold heavy ornaments, good sturdy branching, dyed.
  • White Pine – Soft, long needled, dyed, weak branching so no heavy ornaments, pretty, hold up well unless in the sun.
  • Balsam Fir – The most fragrant, traditional shape.
  • Frasier Fir – Perfect layered shape for holding ornaments, short needled, fragrant, holds needles well.
  • Grand Fir – Bright green, tiered flat needles.
  • Douglas Fir – Open branches, don’t look as sheared as others, very natural, we cut these fresh weekly!
  • Norway Pine – Long needles, holds needles well.
  • Alpine Fir – From high elevations in the surrounding forests, very tiered branching, holds needles very well, most are narrow.
  • Lodgepole Pine – More open like other native trees- sometimes they will have cones still on them, Western look We cut these fresh weekly.
  • Colorado Spruce – Very full but have sharp needles. Layered.

Bozeman Christmas Trees - Cashman Nursery 2010

Christmas Wreaths in Bozeman, MT 2010 - Cashman NurseryWreaths and SwagsWe will customize your Bozeman Christmas Wreath!

We will customize your wreath… Available decorations include dried flowers, pheasant feathers, pine cones, berries (rose hips), and bows. We also make a variety of bows that customers can purchase individually.


Live Christmas Trees

  • We sell Colorado Spruce and Dwarf Alberta Spruce in pots for live Christmas trees.
  • Trees can only be inside for about a week. If they are inside any longer than that the trees will break dormancy. They have not had a long enough dormant period yet so they may not survive.
  • Ideally there should be a hole dug for the tree before the ground freezes so the tree can be planted right away. If there isn’t a hole it can be heeled in with wood chips or some kind of mulch. Or stored in an unheated or slightly heated building and watered a few times.

Other Christmas Tree Tips

  • Trim ½” to 1” off the butt of the tree (a fresh cut) before you put the tree in the stand so that the tree can absorb the maximum amount of water.
  • Keep the tree watered, it will soak up the most water in the first few days and taper off from there.
  • Use of a preservative like Tree Life can prolong the length of time a tree holds up well.

Gifts for gardeners at Cashman Nursery include: Gift Certificates, Felco pruners, gardening tools, books, and attractive containers.

Merry Christmas! 2010 - Cashman Nursery - Bozeman, MT