Tomato Growing Hints

  • Choose early maturing varieties for highest yields—70 days or less (see chart)
  • Sow seed indoors 6 to 8 weeks before last frost or buy started plants
  • Make sure the plants you buy have strong, thick stems and are not leggy
  • Harden off before planting
  • Plant in a new spot every 3 years to escape soil-borne diseases.
  • Warm ground before planting with black plastic
  • Pinch off lower leaves and plant a few inches deeper than in pot
  • Use wall-o- water for the greenhouse effect and frost protection
  • Use red mulch film to reflect light upward, improving yield and flavor
  • Support plants for air circulation and sun exposure, increase early higher yields, facilitate harvesting
  • Fertilize with a high-phosphorus fertilizer
  • Prune indeterminate plants for earlier, larger, more high-quality fruit
  • Keep soil evenly moist & don’t let the ground get too dry to prevent blossom end rot
  • Use Pyrethrin or row covers to discourage flea beetles
  • Clean up and destroy old vines at the end of the season to prevent disease
Name Size Days to Maturity Determinate or Indeterminate Color Other Info
Sunsugar Cherry 65 Ind Orange Sweet, wins taste tests
Juliet Grape 60 Ind Red Reliable, prolific fruit set
Polar Baby Small 2” 60 Det Red Cold weather tomato from Alaska
Stupice Small 2” 60-65 Ind Red Czechoslovakian
Glacier Small 2” 55 Det Red Very Early
Beli Naliv 6-8 oz 60 Det Red Cluster-type, Russian
Celebrity 8 oz 70 Det Red Disease resistant
Parks Whopper 4” 65 Ind Red Disease resistant