December Checklist


  • Make a fresh cut in your Christmas tree right before you put it in water.
  • Keep water in your Christmas tree stand at all times. Add “Tree Life” to keep your Christmas tree fresher.
  • Keep Christmas tree away from heat vents, stoves, and candles.
  • Take down Christmas trees and decorations before they get too dry.


  • Wrap trunks of smooth-barked trees up to the bottom branch to prevent sunscald and cracking.
  • Protect outdoor plants from rodents and deer—wrap trunks with tree wrap that they cannot chew or rub through.
  • Fence young trees.
  • Use spray repellents.
  • Poison voles
  • Apply Wilt-Pruf to evergreens susceptible to winter burn. (Dwarf Alberta Spruce, arborvitae, some pines) Apply Wilt-Pruf on a warm day.