May Checklist

  1. Prune evergreens and spring-flowering hedges
  2. Sow Lawn seed once soil warms
  3. Plant bare root nursery stock
  4. Spray for fire blight at apple blossom time
  5. Sow wild flower seeds and native grasses
  6. Fertilize, mow and water lawn
  7. Sow cool-season vegetable seeds (early May)
  8. Sow warm-season vegetable seeds (late)
  9. Prepare dahlias, gladiolus and begonias
  10. Fertilize evergreens
  11. Sow annual flower seeds
  12. Apply fruit tree sprays after blossoms fall
  13. Transplant evergreens
  14. Plant strawberries & raspberries
  15. Bait for slugs
  16. Plant geraniums & other annuals in late May (protect from frost)
  17. Fertilize shrubs & trees if needed
  18. Harvest rhubarb & asparagus