Asiatic and Oriental Lilies

Image of Asiatic and Oriental Lilies

Asiatic and oriental lilies are available in a wide variety of colors and many varieties have a lovely fragrance. These "true lilies" grow from bulbs and typically bloom in the heat of summer. Once the flowers are done, pluck them off but leave the foliage to fully ripen like you would a daffodil or other flowering bulb. Lilies are excellent choices for the back of the garden since they are tall and the spectacular flowers are showy enough to catch your attention from afar. They are also available in dwarf varieties that stay about 1 foot of height. Many successful gardeners tuck them away in singles for a mid summer treat but try them planted in mass for a real show stopper.

Variety shown is 'Blackout'

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Plant Details

USDA Hardiness Zone
3, & 4
Plant Size
Time Needed To Bloom
Light Preference